Friday, January 16

So...I have a good excuse this time....

I realize that I haven't written in a very very long time...well....I'll tell you the story. It all started with this cruise I was to take with my good friends Lauren and Hannah. We were on our way to the Bahamas and we were crusing along...when all of a sudden.....CRASH BANG CRASH BANG! We hit a family of dolphins and began to sink....Lauren, Hannah and I frantically gathered all of our precious belongings and jumped from the ship. After we jumped into the water it occured to us that we didn't have anywhere to swim to...when suddenly I spotted in the distance an island!!! We swam and swam....until at last we reached the tiny little island. I staggered onto the island under the weight of my suitcase and Hannah's. (she started to drown so I had to hold hers for her...) Anyway! We looked around the island and didn't see any form of life so we decided to explore. Lauren had banged her head against a sea shell while we were coming to shore so I had to wrap her head with my sock before we started to explore....finally we were in the jungle! We heard strange noises as we got deeper and deeper into the jungle (we discovered it wasn't such a small island after all). Hannah began crying...she doesn't do well with dark places. So...Lauren gave her a piggy back ride to make her feel better. We were walking and walking when all of a sudden......we came to a clearing that a HUGE mansion just sitting there. There was a basketball court and a big pool. We yelled....HOOORAY! We ran to the front now Lauren had dropped Hannah...and we rang the doorbell. No one answered....we started to beat on the one answered. "What are we gonna do?" Hannah wailed. I tried the doorknob and it was unlocked! I turned around at looked at Lauren and only live once, right?! So...we walked inside. This is where it gets a little fuzzy for me because as we were walking in Lauren tripped on the rug and fell on top of me causing me to go into a coma for a couple of weeks. But....all turned out well. We moved into the mansion to find it full of food and fresh clothes and a tv...everything you could imgaine. We stayed there for almost a year and we were just recently "rescued" from that terrible island.

I wanted to tell you this so you would know why I haven't been able to blog for quite awhile....don't worry though. I've fully recovered from the horrible experience and plan on blogging as much as possible.

I hope this finds you all well....Have a great day!!!!!

Monday, May 12 has been a while since I last posted...I don't know if anyone even does this anymore! But...I'm so excited to be home and relaxing for a little while. Nathan came home with me....and we've had so much fun. He's leaving tomorrow and I won't get to see him for the rest of the summer. That will be hard...but I'm so excited for camp! I'm leaving to go back to school to work at Mt. Moriah Christian camp in a little while! I can't wait...I know it's going to be a great summer. Well...for all those people out there that read this...hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer break so far. Take care, praying for you!


Tuesday, January 29

Long post

Sorry I haven't written a long time! Things are going great...I'm busy with school. I just started working at a's going pretty well. I don't have any pictures to put on here yet...hopefully soon I can do a real post. I hope you all are doing well!

Monday, December 17

Deli Delirium!

It's sooo nice to be home! Two days after I got home I started right into work...the good old deli! It really is such a great place to work...because they get really busy during the holidays so I've been getting great hours. I can't wait to get my pay check! I haven't really gotten to do too much while I've been home so far. Just working...and occasional Christmas parties or something like that.
I got a new phone! My grandpa got it for's a motorokr...pretty sweet! That's my exciting news I guess. I hope you all are having a wonderful break. Love you!

Monday, December 3


Gatlinburg was a lot of fun Saturday night. The weather wasn't bad at all! We had a nice was Nathan and me, Courtney and Tyler, Erica and Kenny, Tiffany and Gabe and then Paul and Noah...but they weren't "together". hahaWe ate in the mall at this little pizza place. It was really good! Of course I ate like a cow. When am I going to learn??? For the most part we just walked around the whole night. It's just fun to look at things. There was this 5 ton ball that is suspended in like an inch of water outside the ripley's place that you can move by just pushing on it. 5 tons! That was pretty cool. We spent a lot of time there making fools of ourselves. haha
Here's some more pictures...